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EyecareLive enables eye doctors to quickly collect information about patient’s chief compliant so video visits can be quick and precise. EyecareLive is not just another video conferencing solution, its packed with features to understand and diagnose eye conditions.

Patient Care Matters

Patients prefer to see their own doctor to an urgent care visit. Be available remotely to see your patients and improve the clinical outcome

Standard of Care

Set your own standard of care for your patients. When patient’s see different doctors in urgency, the level of care may be different and outcomes may be severe. With Telemedicine, you will be there for your patients when they need you.

Patient Satisfaction

Improve patient satisfaction by giving them an option to see you online. That's what patients' have come to expect - doctor on an app

Patient Rentention

Over 75% patients’ said they would prefer to use Telemedicine over an Urgent Care visit. Telemedicine is trusted option. See how you can impress your patients with telemedicine practice

Increase Revenue

Telemedicine provides you an option to increase your revenue potential. Its proven that when users get easy access, they would use apps to see their doctor for conditions which they wouldn't otherwise.

Don't lose patients

Patients are using mobile apps for convenience and wouldn’t mind seeing a doctor who is available when they want one. Be there for your patients and see how you can increase patient satisfaction as well as revenue,

Differentiate Your Practice

Be a practice who leverages technology to improve patient care. From a millennial to a grandmother, everyone is tech savvy and love to use technology.

Be In lock-step with your patients

Your patients use technology for communication and interactions. With telemedicine, you will be in lock-step with your patients. Its a pride for patients to be seeing a doctor who uses advanced technology to provide care,

We make telemedicine possible! Here’s how it works:

Our Cloud-based telemedicine software allows eye doctors to connect with patients for non-urgent conditions or follow-up visits over secure video call. Since the platform is designed by eye care specialists, it allows patients to use only for conditions considered safe to diagnose over a video call. EyecareLive software contains easy to use patient apps with predefined workflows for various eye symptoms, easy to use telemedicine portal for doctors with full checks for insurance eligibility, reimbursement and billing .

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Several eye conditions and general consultations with existing patients can be managed on telemedicine platform. The platform can be customized to accommodate custom uses cases that work for physicians.

Dry Eye Care

Dry Eye care is one of the fastest growing area of eye disease. An estimated 4 million people suffer from dry eye in the US. Our Platform is designed to enable patients to do self evaluation using SPEED test and provides doctors visual graphs and analytical data to adjust treatment plan in real time for optimum results. Dry Eye has low risk profile for telemedicine

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General Consultations

Non urgent and non emergency conditions such as garden variety pink eye may be possible to manage on the video call. The mobile app guides patients to use telemedicine only when the chief compliant is non-emergency condition otherwise advises them to seek urgent care or in-office visit to their doctor in case of conditions such as floaters, red eye and chemical exposure. It helps patients avoid unnecessary and costly urgent care visits or visits to their PCP for eye conditions.

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Post-Op Follow-up Care

Post-operative care for LASIK and other surgeries can be managed using telemedicine. Our platform has been designed by highly experienced LASIk surgeons to allow patients to provide relevant information and take acuity, halo and contrast sensitivity tests which helps with diagnosis. Doctors can see the patients conditions on a video call and use patient’s photos and videos of their eyes

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Macular Degeneration Care

Our platform provides patients with several tests to track progression of certain conditions such as Age related Macular Degeneration. A digital version of Amsler Test provides easy way to track and store digitized results of progression of Metamorphopsia. We use artificial intelligence to automatically inform doctors about severe changes in Amsler test for real time medical intervention

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EyecareLive is a ground breaking telemedicine platform focused on eye care. Their team of experienced doctors and the innovations they are working on awill help lower the cost of medical care for patients.

Scott McNealy - CEO and co-founder, Sun Microsystems

As a producer on the television show, “Survivor” I spend a lot of time abroad. In the past, if I had a health issue, there was no way of getting help from my doctors back home. EyecareLive changes all that.

Joe Anglim - Producer of CBS show Survivor Fiji
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