EyecareLive was founded by a group of experienced Optometrists and Ophthalmologists across the United States and are committed to advancement of the profession and innovations in eye care

We believe the technological advancements available today gives doctors an opportunity to adopt telemedicine and provide the convenience to the patients while preserving the outcomes of the care. We have designed the platform to allow patients to use the platform for conditions which may be possible to manage through video visits. We envision our platform to become a standard for telemedicine for eye care

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr. Moshe Mendelson

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Silicon Valley, California

Dr. John D. Gelles

Co-Founder, Emerging Technologies
New York City, New York

 Dr. Paul J. Super

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Alliances
Los Angeles, California

Dr. Harvey A. Fishman

Co-Founder, Chief Researcher
Palo Alto, California

William Lard

Co-Founder, General Counsel and VP of Operations
Silicon Valley, California

Dr. Whitney Hauser

 Chief  Advisor, Dry Eye
Tennessee, United States

Hitesh Chellani

Co-Founder, Chief Technologist
Silicon Valley, United States

Scott McNealy

Chief Advisor, Former CEO Sun Microsystems
Silicon Valley, United States

Advisory Board

 Dr. Paul M. Karpecki

Dry Eye Specialist
Kentucky, United States

 Dr. David J. Schanzlin

Renowned Lasik Surgeon
San Diego, California

 Dr. Gregory J. Pamel

Renowned Lasik Surgeon
New York, United States

 Dr. David L. Geffen

San Diego, California

 Dr. Ami C. Ranani

New York, United States

Our Values

Provide eye care professionals a best in class,  comprehensive telemedicine platform to add to their suite of tools to manage and improve patient care.

Empower eye care providers to enhance eye care with use of technological advancements

Will develop technologies which help eye care professionals to deliver better care to their patients

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Patients love to use EyecareLive because it gives them convenience to see their own doctor from home, work or hotel room or simply because they cannot visit doctor’s office in-person with certain eye infections. See what some patients have to say about us

As a producer on the television show, “Survivor” I spend a lot of time abroad. In the past, if I had a health issue, there was no way of getting help from my doctors back home.EyecareLive changes all that.


Thanks Dr. Mendelson for seeing me on EyecareLive app. With my eye infections and a grand daughter to take care of at home, there was no way for me to drive to your office. Without EyecareLive, I would have suffered from my eye conditions much longer. I will continue to use EyecareLive appointments to see you in future. Thanks


EyecareLive allowed to me manage my Dry eye condition by using SPEED tests. Now I and my doctor, can track progress in treating dry eye problem. My doctor can adjust my treatment plan to optimize the outcome.


Our Story

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of health care and holds great potential to improve care and empower patients to see their doctors from anywhere they wish to. We believe, that once patients get access to easy to use technology, they use it and see their health care providers more often than they would otherwise. This helps intercept potentially serious conditions at early stage and prevents serious consequences if patient delays seeing their doctor.

Telemedicine will improve outcomes and advancement in technologies will give more power to the patients and doctors to stay connected, communicate often about issues and solutions.

With EyecareLive, eye care professionals are in the driving seat. It reduces the chances of their patients using a PCP, urgent care of any insurance carrier’s nurse line when they need help.

Practice Telemedicine with EyecareLive

Get started with EyecareLive today and give the convenience to your patients while maintaining standard of care. Use only for the conditions that you feel comfortable with. We are here to help