As summer winds down, parents and kids alike begin to look forward with mixed emotions to the beginning of another school year. Preparations can be extensive, but should always include some basic medical checks as well as the new shoes, clothes and classroom supplies.

Why Schedule a Vision Screening with Silicon Valley Eye Physicians?

From preschool through college, the ability to see clearly is important to success in school. Routine vision screenings can detect any potential abnormalities before problems occur. If corrective lenses are needed, particularly for elementary age children, it is beneficial to have some time for them to adjust to the need to wear glasses. It is also important that they have a chance to learn how to care for those glasses, and to understand how to take care of them.

Young eyes change frequently and adapt to changing conditions quite naturally. Pediatricians and primary care physicians always monitor eye function and are the first line of defense for eye problems. But, by the time a child is ready to begin kindergarten or first grade, it is wise to schedule an initial vision screening with a professional eye doctor. Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is a comprehensive practice that can treat the whole family. Our team includes doctors with a passionate interest in pediatric ophthalmology and a vision therapist who delights in working with children.

That first vision screening should be just the beginning of a continuing relationship with eye care professionals, according to the American Optometric Association. Regular eye exams are non-invasive, take little time, and detect subtle changes in vision and eye function that might have lasting effects not only for school learning situations, but for life-long visual health. Many factors can influence vision, including diet and exercise, other physical conditions, sleep habits and even hydration. Vision screenings should be a part of a comprehensive wellness routine for all ages. It is considered so important that public schools in many states, including California, now require vision screenings prior to enrolling a child. Check with your school district if you are new to our area.

A complete eye exam involves more than simply reading the familiar eye chart. Our screening professional will, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, explore the inside of the eye to check for retinal performance and physical health of the muscles and eye surfaces. We will check the way both eyes work together, and we will measure pressure, confirm proper development and function and check visual acuity. A very young child might be exposed to a “tumbling E eye chart” and asked to identify various colors.

As your child grows, it is important to schedule regular exams so that we may chart eye development and address any concerns before they become serious and begin to affect study habits and grades. If your student needs corrective lenses, there are many options today, even for those who play sports and have special needs.

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