Emergencies never come at convenient times. Children get sick in the middle of the night, injuries happen during weekend sports games, and sometimes you get hurt right in the middle of your work day. It may not always be possible to come to our eye clinic when you need us the most. That’s why we’ve developed CoolDoctors, the virtual eye doctor app that allows you to consult with one of our Silicon Valley Eye Physicians doctors, right from your tablet or phone.

Why Use a Virtual Eye Doctor?

If you’re suffering from a serious eye injury we always advise you to get to an emergency room or other eye care facility. It doesn’t pay to wait around with conditions such as chemicals in the eye, being hit with a baseball bat, or getting stuck with flying splinters. Not all eye incidents are that serious, though. You or your children may be suffering from one of many relatively minor complaints that can be dealt with without having to leave your home.

  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitive, but without pain
  • Discharge or mucus
  • Allergy eye symptoms
  • Tearing that won’t stop

All of these symptoms can affect your work or daily lifestyle, but they’re not dangerous enough to warrant making a special trip to the emergency room. If they bother you enough, though, you probably don’t want to wait days for treatment. That’s where CoolDoctors comes in. It’s handy and convenient, available 24 hours a day in your own home. You won’t have to worry about making an appointment days in advance, and there’s no endless time in the doctor’s office waiting room. We’re there whenever you need us, right away without delay.

In addition, the cost of using a virtual eye doctor is very reasonable. Your visit will cost $50, and that includes a follow-up visit a few days afterward so the doctor can check on your progress and make sure additional medical care isn’t needed.

How Does CoolDoctors Work?

Download the CoolDoctors app to your iPhone or iPad, then open it and fill out your personal information such as address and any allergies. Once you’re in the system, click on the category list at the top left corner to pop up a list of pages. Choose to go to a consultation and you’ll be minutes away from seeing an eye doctor.

Read through the list of symptoms that would indicate a need for more immediate medical care. If none of these apply, go onward to the list of other symptoms and click on which ones apply to you. A doctor will speak with you within one minute, and you’ll get a diagnosis of you problem shortly. The eye doctors at CoolDoctor can prescribe medication to your local pharmacy if needed, and your doctor will check back with you in a few days to make sure you’re healing.

If you have any questions about the CoolDoctors app, call Silicon Valley Eye Physicians at 408-703-5929. We’ll be happy to help.