Since we began offering Ortho-K at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians, we have had to answer the question of “does Ortho-K work?” more times than we can count. Allow us to put this issue to rest by telling all of our patients here that, yes, Ortho-K does work. Learn how.

Does Ortho-K Work? 

You may know that Ortho-K uses special contact lenses to correct your vision while you sleep, allowing you to see clearly in the day without using contact lenses or glasses.

Ortho-K works because your cornea is pliable and able to be molded or reshaped. The overnight contact lenses you wear during treatment slowly reshape the top layers of the cornea to allow your eyes to sharpen when you look at objects, people, or print.

When you take lenses off in the morning, your cornea’s shape will have altered such that you do not need to rely on corrective aides to see clearly. In time, you can get around safely all day long without using glasses or contacts. Some patients can see clearly again after as little as one day; in others, it can take weeks to restore vision.

What Does Ortho-K Do? 

We recommend Ortho-K most often for cases of nearsightedness or myopia. We may recommend this procedure if you have a minor case of astigmatism, hyperopia or presbyopia. This process is non-invasive and also reversible, which our patients like.

Our eye doctor tries to return your vision to 20/20 after Ortho-K, yet this outcome is not guaranteed. 20/40 vision (which is the legal driving minimum throughout much of the country) is considered acceptable. If you are curious about your vision correction options with Ortho-K, we can discuss the matter in person. Since every person’s vision is unique, there may be variables that affect whether you are fit for Ortho-K.

If you are interested in Ortho-K, the first step is to see our eye doctor in Sunnyvale or Santa Clara for a consultation. Schedule yours now by calling us today. To speak with our optometrist in Sunnyvale, call 408-739-6200. For our optometrist in Santa Clara, call 408-492-1111.