Dry eye is a chronic condition and its prevalence is growing rapidly in the United States and worldwide. It’s estimated over 26 million people experience severe levels of dry eye. Dry eye conditions vary in etiology and can be treated by a variety of methods. No matter what form or treatment, evaluation of symptoms is key in all forms.

Using EyecareLive, your dry eye patients can take the Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness (SPEED) validated questionnaire to evaluate their symptoms on a regular basis allowing doctors to monitor and optimize their treatment periodically for optimum outcomes. This long term collection of SPEED data is graphed in a simple format and can be used to track effectivity of treatments and used in clinical trial data collection.

Dry Eye Specialist who use EyecareLive

Dr. Moshe Mendelson

Silicon Valley Eye Physicians
Sunnyvale, California

Dr. Harvey A. Fishman

Fishman Vision
Palo Alto, California

 Dr. Paul J. Super

Eyesite Optometry
Los Angeles, California

 Dr. Bryan Rogoff

Maryland Optometric Association
Maryland, United States

 Dr. Paul M. Karpecki

Dry Eye Specialist
Kentucky, United States

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