Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Register for EyecareLive via our cloud based portal

2. Have your patients download the EyecareLive app on iPhone or Android and select you as their provider

3. Get started immediately!

What can you do with EyecareLive?

  • Send and Receive Secure and HIPAA compliant messages

  • Conduct a Video chat

  • Upload and Receive Photos and Videos

  • Conduct Eye Tests including Acuity and Dry Eye SPEED

  • Monitor the success of treatment plans in real time

  • Send reminders for medication, tests, or treatment

  • Receive notifications for new requests and messages

  • Conduct follow up appointments for dry eye or contact lens

  • Integrate with EHR/EMR

  • Run reports to gain valuable insights on patient encounters and use cases

EyecareLive is a ground breaking telemedicine platform focused on eye care. Their team of experienced doctors and the innovations they are working on awill help lower the cost of medical care for patients.

Scott McNealy, CEO and co-founder, Sun Microsystems

As a producer on the television show, “Survivor” I spend a lot of time abroad. In the past, if I had a health issue, there was no way of getting help from my doctors back home. EyecareLive changes all that.

Joe Lia, Producer of CBS show Survivor Fiji

Communicating with my doctor outside of the office is now quick, easy, and confidential. I can take pictures, video chat, and message my doctor all in the app and its east to do and confidential. I also appreciate the email notification that is sent whenever my eye doctor replies with a comment or treatment plan. I highly recommend the EyecareLive app!

Kim S, Patient

A short time ago, while away on vacation,  my eyes swelled up, burned, itched and were exuding a discharge.  I was 8 hours from home, in the middle of nowhere so I called my Optometrist, Dr. Paul Super who advised me to download the free app, “Eye Care Live”. The simple process included describing my symptoms and taking hi-res photos and video of my eyes. The information was immediately sent to Dr. Super who confirmed that I had contracted an infection and promised to have a prescription waiting at my pharmacy by the time I got back to L.A.

As soon as I arrived home, I administered a dose of the drops he prescribed– instant relief! He got me into his office the next morning, verified his virtual diagnosis and within 48 hours my eyes looked and felt normal again.”Eye Care Live” spared me not only many more hours of suffering, but also afforded me the peace of mind of learning right away that what I had was less serious than it was uncomfortable. To be able to speak to my doctor and receive an instant diagnosis, reassurance, and appropriate medication was, as they say, priceless. Thank you, Dr. Paul Super! You are just that, super.

John M, Patient
Telehealth has great potential to elevate eye care in a manner that improves accessibility and timeliness of care. Be it provider to provider for a consult or doctor to patient for continuity of care as a way to enhance the doctor patient relationship, optometry must be involved in this exciting and valuable evolution and EyecareLive can and will enable exactly that.
Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, President and CEO - New England College of Optometry


Take advantage of our Limited Time Offer and see how EyecareLive can enhance your practice. Please complete the form and one of our Customer Success team members will respond immediately to schedule on-boarding and integration.


Take advantage of our Limited Time Offer and see how EyecareLive can enhance your practice. Please complete the form and one of our team members will be in touch soon.