That’s a common call during summer — but, it also signals a time of increased danger of eye injury for those who play baseball. Along, with racquet sports and fishing, the ball field can be a common place for injuries that cause vision problems and even blindness.


It’s important to have the proper protective gear if you participate in sports. Your eyes can take a beating from many activities, including boxing, full contact martial arts, yard work and home projects. Of course, football, biking and other pursuits also carry a risk of head trauma which can cause eye injury.

Wear Proper Protection

With the proper gear, most serious eye injuries can be prevented. Because our staff at Silicon Valley Eye Physicians is dedicated to helping you preserve your vision and protect your eyes in order to give you a lifetime of good “service,” we will be happy to advise you about protective options, no matter what your favorite sport or summer activity. Whether you participate in a team sport, want to incorporate corrective lenses into goggles for tennis or scuba diving, or wish to discuss the option of Lasik surgery or contact lenses, we will also recommend sensible protective gear for your ongoing summer activities.

We believe that this summer is a perfect time to address the mounting numbers of eye injuries could be easily prevented. Just as protective gear is mandated for certain occupations, we believe that head and eye protection should be a required part of many sports uniforms as well.

Common sense dictates that activities like trail biking, or even mowing the lawn, also benefit from some sort of head and eye protection. We will be happy to discuss options with you, whether you are concerned for yourself or your children. Why not schedule an appointment to talk about your needs.

Team sports and summer activities should be a reason for fun, without a trip to the hospital or lasting injury.