Summer poses a range of unique eye care considerations, yet many people are simply not aware of how harmful the season can be to one’s vision. Stay safe by learning how to protect your eyes this summer.

Summer Eye Dangers


Too much sun harms the eyes and can even cause eye sunburn. Did you know that staying out in the sun all day without proper sun gear puts you at risk of damaging your corneas from excess UV exposure? To safeguard your eyes, wear sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB protection. Silicon Valley Eye Physicians offers a full range of sunglasses and protective eyewear at both of our locations; contact us if you need summer eyewear.

In summer, many people do yard work and home improvement projects while the weather is nice. Unfortunately, this work also puts the eyes at risk from dust, dirt, or debris. To protect your eyes while doing work, wear goggles. Since they provide full eye protection, they ensure that debris will not enter the sides of the eye.

Sports injuries can occur at any time of the year, but are highly likely during summer. To protect your eyes from ball injury while playing sports, wear a face mask.

Swimming pools are another common site of summer eye injuries. To stay sanitary, swimming pools require a delicate chemical balance. Too much chlorine can be hazardous to your skin or eyes. If you ever get into a swimming pool and feel a stinging in your eyes, the pool chemicals are not in balance. If you remain in the pool, you risk damaging your vision.

Other summer hazards to note include bug bites. Avoid putting insect repellent near the eye and scratching any bug bites to reduce the risk of damaging your vision.

Have you ever experienced a summer eye injury?