General Consultation and Triage Care

EyecareLive allows doctors to accurately triage their patients and provide appropriate levels of care. The high resolution cameras on today’s mobile devices aid in evaluating patients with a greater degree of accuracy.

EyecareLive patient app aids in evaluating your patient’s condition and allows them to get connected to you for non-urgent conditions. Patients with conditions which could be potentially life or sight threatening are warned automatically and suggested to visit their doctor in-office, visit an ER or urgent care center.

Doctors who use EyecareLive for General Consultaton

Dr. Moshe Mendelson

Silicon Valley Eye Physicians
Silicon Valley, California


Dr. Harvey A. Fishman

Fishman Vision
Palo Alto, California


 Dr. Paul J. Super

EyeSite Optometry
Los Angeles, California


 Dr. Bryan Rogoff

Maryland Optometry Association
Maryland, United States


 Dr. Paul M. Karpecki

Kentucky Eye Institute
Kentucky, United States

 Dr. David J. Schanzlin

TCL Group
San Diego, California

 Dr. Gregory J. Pamel

Pamel Lasik Surgeons
New York, United States

 Dr. David L. Geffen

TCL Group
San Diego, California

 Dr. Ami C. Ranani

Somers Eye Center
New York, United States

Dr. John D. Gelles

Cornea and Laser Eye Institute
New York City, New York

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