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PeerMed is a secure HIPAA compliant platform designed to enable medical professionals to consult and communicate with each other. PeerMed’s real time secure messaging and video chat platform improves patient care and outcomes.

Telemedicine for real time consultations! Here’s how it works:

Telemedicine is normally used for seeing patients on a video call, but we bring the same platform for secure and faster communication and consultations between the doctors. Our Cloud-based PeerMed software allows doctors to connect with peer for real time or asynchronous consultations via secure video call. PeerMed allows medical professionals to develop their own private network of peers and use quick chat messaging or video and audio calls to refer patients or co-manage patient care. PeerMed enables quick transfer of medical data or patient records via secure and encrypted storage system.

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PeerMed is a ground breaking telemedicine platform focused on enhancing the communication between the doctors and contact lens labs. We use PeerMed to provide real time consultations to our doctors while they have patients sitting in the chair. Doctors simply use PeerMed app on their iPhone or iPads and attach it to slit lamp and our consultants can review contact lens fitting in real time. 

Gene Guselli - CEO, BostonSight

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