Our company has been built by Eye doctors for Eye care professionals, we understand the importance of patient generated data and putting it to use for the benefits of your patient base. This vital data not only aids in improving the care you provide on an individual level but can allow you to look at success of various treatments across your entire clinic. This is invaluable to any doctor participating in clinical research.

Doctors who employ the usage of patient questioners know the annoyance of inputting data from paper surveys into spread sheets, then calculating meaningful statistics for simple graphical representation the data.

Using our platform patients enter data directly into the platform and the collected data is analyzed in real time and presented in simple graphical forms which can be used for showing clinical outcomes. The data is simple to read so it can be used at a patient education tool or utilized for clinical research papers and presentation.

We are placing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics into your hands. Our research in diagnosis, neural networking, artificial intelligence and real time analytics has a real impact on adjuncting and enhancing, not replacing, the care you provide.

Real time Analytics to improve patient care:

Reach out to us for more details on how we can help with analytics and our research on using artificial intelligence for improving eye care!

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