We are a group of experienced Optometrists and Ophthalmologists committed to the profession and proper telemedicine innovation.


Dr. Moshe Mendelson

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. John D. Gelles

Co-Founder, Emerging Technologies

 Dr. Paul J. Super

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Alliances

Dr. Harvey A. Fishman

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer


 Dr. Paul M. Karpecki

 Dr. David J. Schanzlin

 Dr. Gregory J. Pamel

 Dr. David L. Geffen

Expert Eyecare

Healthcare is evolving and technological advancements bring more power and sophistication to the doctors who use new ways to provide better care to their patients. We at EyecareLive assembled a team of experts in various field of eye care including Dry eye, LASIK surgeons, contact lens specialist, keratoconus specialists and matched them with a team of serial entrepreneurs who built world class technologies to develop an advanced platform to deliver eye care. The best minds not only looked at how we can use technology to develop a platform for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists, we also developed tests such as Halo test and digital Amsler tests so we can use the power of data and analytics to chart the trends of how medication and treatment plans work for individual patients and across the cross section of patients too. We are now developing technology using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to help eye care professionals diagnose the severity and progession of some eye diseases. EyecareLive is not only an eye care telemedicine platform but also a new platform for the industry to conduct trials and generate real-time analytical data. We look forward to sharing our new features soon

  • The most comprehensive Eye care telemedicine platform

  • Dry eye disease trend analysis

  • Platform for clinical trials

  • Artificial intelligence

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