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Eyecarelive was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.  Our mission is to make eyecare more accessible…but not just any eye care provider will do.

We connect you to your doctor on a secure platform that makes communications and follow up easy. Download our free app and get connected today!

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Need to reach your doctor? Communicating is easy with our messaging tool that keeps your privacy and data protected.

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Secure messaging

Connect with YOUR doctor on eyecarelive and get an enhanced level of care.

Monitor the health of your eyes

Certain eye conditions can worsen over time.  Tracking and taking preventative measures can help preserve your most precious sense, your sight. Eyecarelive offers the flexibility of performing the following tests at home for better convenience that match your busy lifestyle.

Visual Acuity Test

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Track the progression of Myopia, also known as Nearsightedness.

Users with this condition can track progression and work with their eye care provider to stabilize prescriptions.

Dry Eye Test

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Test and monitor common symptoms of dry eye.  Age, frequent screen time, certain medical conditions, some medications, and environmental factors can prevent the eyes from producing enough tears and cause dry eye.  Frequent monitoring through this test allows your doctor to determine the success of your treatment plan.

Macular Degeneration Test

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Use the Amsler Grid to track the progression of Macular Degeneration, a disease of the eye that can cause diminshed vision. Frequent and regular testing can help prevent blindness.


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